Report an Incident


Simulating real-world attacks helps expose defense intelligence failures.

How it works

Mission-focused attackers target critical assets with a combination of technical, human, and physical penetrations. For organizations with a mature security posture, red-teaming tests resistance to advanced and evolving threats.

The CPX advantage

We demonstrate the real-world impact of security and intelligence failures far beyond any single tool’s or individual’s abilities.

Our Offerings

  • Technical Access Operations

    Identify defense intelligence failures to protect your organization’s critical assets.

  • Physical Access Operations

    Conduct reconnaissance and physical penetrations of buildings, offices, and data centers supporting mission objectives.

  • Human Source Targeting

    Engage directly with your organization’s personnel – in person or online – to elicit or solicit information and gain technical and physical access to your critical assets.

Uncover risks to your applications and people with real-world cybersecurity assessments.

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