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Leadership oversight and assurance on cloud environment compliance ensures alignment with your strategic and business objectives.

How it works

We leverage industry best practices to recommend an xCSC solution that fits your budget and security needs. We identify relevant cybersecurity laws and standards based on organizational context, and develop scope and compliance plans tailored to bespoke requirements, including training, security controls, and technology upgrades. Finally, we assess the effectiveness of implemented measures and suggest the next steps.

The CPX advantage

We have demonstrated experience in meeting compliance requirements and supporting compliance services through dashboards and eGRC tools.

Our Offerings

  • Cloud Compliance Assessment

    Provide leadership oversight and assurance on compliance adherence of your cloud environment.

  • Cloud Compliance Implementation Roadmap

    Obtain an actionable roadmap to implement security requirements in line with regulatory, business, and industry requirements.

  • Cloud Compliance Maintenance

    Ensure continuous compliance through the required periodic assessments.

Let us secure your cloud journey so that you can focus on growing your business.

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