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The onsite presence of highly skilled cybersecurity professionals with necessary UAE security clearances for businesses in IT and OT, including SOC managers, analysts, engineers, service delivery professionals, technical writers, and SOC advisory consultants, can significantly boost your cyber resilience. 

How it works

We close the skills gap with industry-experienced onsite resources who can handle intricate security challenges and cyber threats from day one. You are actively involved in every step of the selection process.

The CPX advantage

We offer in-depth and unparalleled experience and maturity to support your onsite security operations with immediate ROI.

Our Offerings

  • Onsite Model

    Establish a managed on-premise SOC, staffed by onsite cybersecurity professionals.

  • Hybrid Model

    Combine remote and onsite SOC monitoring, supported by vulnerability management, security device management, threat hunting, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and SIEM & SOAR as a service.

Transform your security posture with our managed security readiness and response services, with frameworks, technology, and expertise proven in the UAE and beyond.

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