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Active research and tracking of regionally relevant threats, malicious actors, and campaigns generates high-fidelity and contextualized threat intelligence. 

How it works

We provide easily operationalized region- and industry-specific intelligence. We specialize in proactive threat hunting, vulnerability management, digital risk protection as a service (including brand monitoring, domain and web defacement), and incident response service.

The CPX advantage

Our specialized and dedicated threat intelligence analysts possess industry-leading expertise in tracking and investigating the UAE attack landscape, along with a proven track record in the mitigation of cyber threats and reputation damage with best-practice solutions.

Our Offerings

  • Threat Feed

    Access curated open-source intelligence, closed-source intelligence, threat research from our trusted partners, local and regional intelligence derived from research, real incident response investigations, and local malware analysis.

  • All-Source Finished Intelligence Report

    Obtain timely and actionable threat advisories covering the most relevant and impactful threats aligned with your intelligence requirements.

  • Customer-Initiated Requests for Information

    Benefit from targeted collection, research, analysis, and reporting driven by your requests on threat activity of interest.

  • Digital Risk Protection

    Monitor your digital risk across the widest range of data sources within the visible, deep, and dark web to protect your business and reputation.

Transform your security posture with our managed security readiness and response services, with frameworks, technology, and expertise proven in the UAE and beyond.

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