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Identifying SOC business and technical objectives helps achieve SOC maturity. 

How it works

We capture your business and technical requirements to create a practical and achievable roadmap to a target future state.

The CPX advantage

You obtain a best-in-class SOC – new or existing – while benefiting from the expertise that protects the UAE’s biggest organizations in government, energy, and world events.

Our Offerings

  • SOC Assessment

    Assess the maturity of your SOC investment to create a baseline that your SOC will follow to ensure operational outcomes are delivered on time and within budget.

  • SOC Design and Implementation

    Plan, design, and implement SOC target models across IT and OT environments, applying best CONOPS and SOPs across all areas while ensuring top operational outcomes.

  • Outsourced SOC Operations

    Bring highly skilled, dedicated cybersecurity professionals with the highest clearances onsite, or opt for a hybrid SOC model at a lower cost.

  • Threat Intelligence Services

    Obtain actionable intelligence to enable proactive threat mitigation strategies, increase awareness of the cyber threat landscape, and support rapid response to cybersecurity incidents.

Transform your security posture with our managed security readiness and response services, with frameworks, technology, and expertise proven in the UAE and beyond.

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