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The outcomes of a cloud security posture assessment – covering structural security, technology stack and configuration, and security operations, regardless of cloud service provider – inform a remediation action plan.


We comprehensively assess security risks and vulnerabilities for your cloud systems, applications, and data. This includes reviewing regulations and existing security policies, identifying security risks, assessing control effectiveness, and a gap analysis. The final stage is a plan to address the gaps and improve your cloud security posture.


Our cloud security specialists are trained and certified on major cloud offerings with expert awareness of UAE and Middle East CSP capabilities and extensive experience gained from 100+ cloud security assessments in the UAE.

Our Offerings

  • Cloud Security Assessment

    Obtain a realistic view of your cloud security environment with respect to the risks, strengths, and weaknesses in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Cloud Service Provider Selection Advisory

    Support your decision making to ensure the cloud service provider has the required security capabilities to meet your business, industry, and regulatory security requirements.

  • Cloud Security Governance Framework

    Become cloud enabled by designing a cloud strategy and governance framework to include required security capabilities.

Let us secure your cloud journey so that you can focus on growing your business.

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