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Leadership oversight and assurance ensure compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

How it works

We assess your cybersecurity capabilities and benchmark them against industry regulations, identify gaps to understand risk exposure, and construct a strategic roadmap for risk mitigation, complete with oversight for business leadership.

The CPX advantage

Our expert team has a deep and innate understanding of global best practice and local regulations, enabling us to design a tailored GRC strategy for your organization.

Our Offerings

  • UAE IA and Other IS Compliance Assurance

    Ensure effective compliance for the UAE’s regulatory authority.

  • Cloud Security Assessments & Architecture Review

    Align your cloud infrastructure and architecture with international best practice.

  • IoT- and OT-related Assessments and Reviews

    Perform IoT security, ICS, smart devices, and SCADA-related assessments and reviews.

  • Cybersecurity Status Reports

    Report on the current state of your organization’s cybersecurity maturity and develop an improvement plan.

Achieve your business objectives while managing cyber risks with our market-leading advisory services.

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