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Cyber education reduces cybersecurity risks, promotes a cyber awareness culture, and develops the required cybersecurity skills and competencies within your workforce.

How it works

We equip your cybersecurity personnel with the knowledge and skills to recognize threats, effectively respond to incidents, manage associated risks, govern security operations, and comply with standards.

The CPX advantage

Our unique data-driven cyber education methodology helps develop cyber culture, skills, and competencies to improve your team’s resilience and awareness.

Our Offerings

  • Cyber Smart: Cybersecurity Awareness Program

    Develop the knowledge and awareness required to recognize threats and to defend against attacks that target the end user.

  • Cybersecurity Professional Course (CPC)

    Build the capabilities of your cybersecurity personnel to effectively respond to cyber incidents, manage the associated risks, govern the security operations, and comply with standards.

  • Change Enablement Program

    Ensure all stakeholders are fully aware of your security products, processes, and policies.

  • Cybersecurity Assessments

    Assess the current state of cybersecurity awareness across your organization, analyze training needs for skill enhancement, and evaluate cybersecurity risks related to the human factor.

Achieve your business objectives while managing cyber risks with our market-leading advisory services.

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